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What Is A CRM & Why Your Business Needs It!

If you like seeing your business grow, then this post is for you! So what is a CRM you say? Maybe you sort of know what it is... either way let's get to it. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It helps with sales management, delivers reports to audit your business strengths and weaknesses, integrates with social media and facilitates team communication. A Cloud-based CRM system offers complete mobility and access to a system of applications that help you run your business on the go (think mobile app). In a nutshell, it's the brain of your company. Well the second brain, after you of course. Oh you're a small business and don't need it you say, well think again, 74% of businesses using CRM report better customer relationships (Software Advice). A properly implemented CRM system can yield an return on investment (ROI) of 245% (Forrester). In a nutshell if you plan on growing you need the right CRM for your business.

Every successful company utilizes some type of CRM to run their company. Now there are tons of CRM's to choose from so picking the right one is essential. A good CRM is allows you to quickly and easily import data from existing databases and automates your entire company.

If you're still a little confused as to why you need a CRM, let's get into some examples:

1. Administrative Services: As small business owner you are extremely busy. Answering every question, email, or marketing related requests is close to impossible. Additionally, hiring an administrative assistant or manager can become costly. A good CRM will organize client accounts & data, automate your email and marketing systems, synchronize sales to provide customer service and technical support when needed, and create a working sales system that tends to customers needs. Whoa, that's a lot right. Without a CRM, it's all done manually. Manual tasks will eventually cause your business to fail, for a number of reasons.

2. Organization & Customer Service: Keeping your accounts and data organized is a key factor to your success. Keeping track of everything manual is dated and the competition will eat you alive by outperforming you and giving a better customer experience. Organization allows for better workflow systems and encourages productivity. It also makes the customer feel like you're not an amateur. save time being organized, get more done, make more money, and create happy customers.

3. Growth & Sales: My favorite words, and I'm sure they're yours too. Good CRM's promote growth and sales. How can you be productive digging through emails, having no working client database, no working sales strategy, and unable to communicate with your team in one place? It's essential to get a working CRM that will help you manage all these tasks seamlessly.

These are just a few quick tips about the benefits about implementing a good CRM in your company. When it comes to picking the correct CRM, assistance with building your initial client database, integrating it into your CRM, and showing you how to maximize it... well you can leave that to The Gopaul Group!

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