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Brand Essence

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Stay consistent, branding is about continually evolving and re-evolving and looking while doing it.

Give A Voice To Your Brand

This is how your brand will be represented; through the voice you give it. This applies to how you use visuals and the way you communicate with the audience. Do you want the communication between your brand and audience to be friendly and conversational or more authoritative and formal?

This voice depends on how you have defined your brand and then you can extend that definition to the voice of your brand.

Capture The Essence Of Your Brand

This is where the slogan of your brand comes in. You need to encapsulate the essence of your brand in one single statement. If done right, this can attract many audiences. All the big brands you consume such as McDonald’s, KFC, Nike, Coke, and many more have a slogan that is easily memorable by a customer.

Stay Consistent And true To Your Brand

If you can’t stay true to your brand then your customers will not either. You need to stay true to the essence of your brand and deliver what you have promised to your audience.

The key here is to stay consistent with your image, promise, and reputation so your customers can stay loyal to your brand. Consistency is a quality many people look at before deciding whether to buy a product from a certain brand or not.

This applies to staying consistent with your visual appeal too. The color scheme, look and feel of your brand, and the placement of the logo should be consistent as well throughout your business.

The Bottom Line

You may have a great idea and a great product but unless you do some branding, your business will not be successful. It has become one of the most crucial aspects more than ever in this time because of the amount of competition that exists.

Among more than thousands of competitors, you want your brand to stand out, stay memorable, and create a lasting impression on your consumers. Define your business how you define yourself. What are its values? How do you want other people to think of your business? What kind of message do you want to send out through your brand? Are you willing to stay consistent?

With time, dedication, and effort comes everything. Branding isn't just done in a day. Answer these questions to define your business and then keep implementing strategies around them to make your brand known to the general audience. Once you do, you will see the amazing results for yourself!

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