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Companies That Used The Power Of Branding Successfully

Check out these companies that used branding to grow their businesses

Power Branding

If you are just starting in business, then you are probably having a hard time connecting all the dots of why branding is important. However, here are real-life examples to help you in understanding deeper what branding can do for your business.These companies executed branding in a perfect way which completely took their business to the next level.


It is safe to say that this brand has many competitors but it has definitely made a name for itself in the industry. It is a top cosmetics and personal care brand that has a huge loyal audience who keep on buying from them. So, what is it that makes people keep coming to them?

Their biggest selling point is that they sell handmade products. This is why they have a huge audience of people who are into products that are pure and natural such as handmade products. Factory produced products are usually contaminated and this is how Lush sets itself apart from its competitors.

Instead of giving a luxurious image as many cosmetic brands do, this one differentiates itself with its natural, warm, and socially responsible approach. They also use the power of great visuals to enhance the look of their brand.

Recently, they also introduced a “Naked” cosmetic line which had no packaging at all! This means that they were reducing thousands of tonnes of waste by switching to selling products without packaging.

Here is how Lush is executing this strategy perfectly and something you can learn from too:

· They know their audience and spend time and effort in understanding what appeals to them

· They offer a unique in-store experience that you won’t get anywhere else

They are trying to sell a perception of how beauty can be defined instead of trying too hard to sell a product

Whole Foods

This brand incorporates the “More Than” element perfectly. They show you that their business is about more than just the products and the groceries that they sell. So, how do they perfectly execute this branding technique?

Well, they use the power of a story mixed with content and inbound marketing to get the best results. They show shoppers the reason they buy food from Whole Foods. They show that it is more than just coming to the store, getting your groceries, and going home.

It is about the experience that they have while they are inside Whole Foods by selecting diverse, healthy, and wholesome foods for themselves and their family.

Here is how Whole Foods is executing this strategy perfectly and something you can learn from too:

· Promoting a green lifestyle and clean designs in store

· Creating content that is meaningful and tips for healthy living without directly pushing sales

· They focus on the feel of local, instead of thinking they are in a big commercial chain

· Bright and fresh produce as soon as you enter the store to give an experience

· Easy-to-use website


Do you know what's so amazing about their branding strategy? Their customers are both the guests and the hosts of the place and they focus on the experience of both these audiences. This is why instead of telling their brand story to their audience they let the customers tell their stories.

This aspect is extremely crucial to Airbnb because this is how they represent their brand. They let their customers represent their story and brand. It also uses social media power to partner with travel bloggers and influencers who share their experiences with Airbnb.

Their brand philosophy is all about the customers and the main reason why many people opt for their service while traveling. It also answers many questions consumers have about their stay and the place they will be staying at. This storytelling element clears out any confusion and provides answers to their customers.

Here is how Airbnb is executing this strategy perfectly and something you can learn from too:

· Don’t underestimate the power of great visuals and aesthetic

· The focus on customers and their experience

· They collaborate with their audience to tell their story

· They represent their brand through their customers

· They have a strong social media presence

· They focus on storytelling

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