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Advertising on Facebook- The Basics

Facebook was initially the platform you used to connect with friends and family. Over the years, it has grown to be a community where everyone is available with choice. Choice of interaction. Many businesses have their own Facebook pages to connect with customers, but also to increase the impact of their business.

How does this happen? How do customers find your page? It’s simple. Through digital advertising. Facebook has eased the entire advertising process for businesses where they can target their audience and advertise only to them. Here are some basics that would be useful in understanding how this process works, and how you can use it to the best of your advantage. It is strongly advised that you take Facebook classes on how advertising works or hire a consultant to minimize wasting money. However, here's a quick dive into the basics.

Set A Goal

Even as you scroll over to the Facebook Ad manager to advertise, it asks you for the objective of your ad. Make sure you know why you’re doing this. Have something specific in mind, such as increasing the number of likes on the page. Ask yourself. Are you creating awareness? Are you boosting engagement? Or is your need monetary and you want a healthy stream of revenue? Knowing what you want can help Facebook work its magic to get you your goal.

Create Your Advertisement

The most important step for advertising is to create your advertisement. Selecting what image to use, what words to use is crucial. This is because whatever you choose to advertise is the main element that will bring your audience to your page. Facebook gives you an option to use an existing post. This not only increases the reach and engagement, but also increases page visits through the post.

Target Your Audience

Once you identify what your goal is, you need to define your target audience. No number of ads can help you if you’re advertising to the wrong group of people. You would not ask a married couple to download Tinder. You would not advertise a youth sports competition to senior citizens for participation. Facebook gives you the option to narrow down your target audience based on location, age, gender, interests and languages. If you’re running a business that sells paintings in Boston, you would specify the location and interests in the same way.

Another brilliant feature that Facebook offers is that you can choose from the type of format you want to use. The options would include scrollable images, a single image, a video, or even a slideshow.

Define Your Budget

Unless you have access to unlimited funds, you need to set a budget. Budget can be set in two ways. It could either be the amount you want to spend per day like $5, or it could be the maximum amount you want to spend throughout the life of the ad such as $1,500 for 2 months.

Use The Statistics To Re-market

Facebook provides valuable insights related to your advertisements such as the number of people that visited the page or the number of people who liked and shared your ad. These insights could be used to re-market to the same audience using a different light. If a customer has been consistently visiting the page through an ad for heeled shoes, you could market other types of heels to that customer.

Facebook has an estimate of 2.6 billion active users right now per month. Advertising through Facebook is a great medium to jump-start your business and level up among your competitors. The support you have online will translate in real terms with increasing engagement. As is said by a marketing expert Jay Baer, “Content is fire; social media is gasoline”. Let's light it up together. #TheGopaulGroup

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