80% Of Successful CEO's Have Done This...

Coaching isn't just for athletes! It’s common knowledge that a majority of top business owners, CEOs and entrepreneur leaders relied on trusted mentors & coaches for their success. For example, Bill Campbell, known as the “Coach of Silicon Valley” was a personal coach to some of the most admired entrepreneurs, like Steve Jobs (Apple), Larry Page (Google) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon).

Bob Iger, the incredibly successful Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company (and CEO from 2005 to 2020,) often credits a number of business mentors for his great fortune amidst some tough decisions (labforentrepreneurs 2020).

The term business coach has become incredibly well known throughout the business realm. More and more business owners are engaging with business coaches, to take their business to the next level. While the term, business coach, may seem similar to business advisor or business consultant, they are different. So... what does a business coach do?

What Does A Business Coaches Do For The Business Owner?

A business coach assists the business owner and team with clarifying their business vision, identifying weaknesses, improving those weaknesses, aligning business goals, and providing real roadmap to execute to them. A business coach enables business owners to take their businesses to the level and push past the equivalent of when a writer experiences writers block, in our world, business block.

The Importance Of Hiring A Business Coach

Ever had a business idea that you've been talking about for years? Maybe, you've shared it with your friends and family hundreds of times, but still... there it remains, just a thought, idea, or conversation. If this is you... then you need a business coach! Once you understand exactly what a business coach does, hiring one will become incredibly important.

Get More Organized

Once a business owner hires a business coach, the business coach will always assist in making the business or idea more organized. They will create a realistic steps, milestones, and deadlines that promote productivity through organization. This is done by aligning the goals of the business owner with the vision of the business. Once the goals, as well as the vision align, every resource that the business owner needs to utilize will become much more evident and the business owner can then have a visual roadmap to execute achieving those goals.

Enhance Your Business Accountability

Once a business coach helps make your business more organized, your goals will be much visually possible to achieve. So, next is making you and your team accountable to hit those your goals. Good coaches, in any industry make their team accountable. Phil Jackson has 13 championship rings, because he made everyone who played for him accountable for practicing, executing, and ultimately winning. Execution and accountability is the difference between success and failure. Business owners and team members are no different, if they have someone helping them and their team stay accountable the probability to succeed increases tenfold.

Hiring a good business coach will always lead to growth. The best part is, growth can without being overwhelmed as the business owner. Employing the skills, knowledge, and guidance of a business coach is one of the greatest things that a business owner can. So launch that new business, launch that new division, or build a more productive team with a business coach; after all, almost every successful CEO has had a good business mentor/coach!

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