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Business Coaching 

The Gopaul Group offers one on one business coaching solutions through our 24 week hands on Build Bold Academy. The Build Bold Academy is designed to keep you on track and ensure you're hitting your goals on target.


This academy is a one on one program designed for new entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who want to hit the reset button. We take you from concept to creation by building you a an autonomous and functioning business for you to run. 


1.) Brand For Launch- assistance with brand creation, logo, website, visuals, business services deck, and

brochures. We will manage and deliver all these items. 

2.) Assist with creating & maximizing your business social media sites for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We will create and brand your social media business pages. 

3.) Create customer profiles and build a working database. We will help you identify and target your customer persona, and build a 2k database using LinkedIn, Cision, & Zoom Info.

4.) Establish a successful sales plan that matches your industry.

5.) Teach you a Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and implement the right one for your business. We will teach you how to work a CRM that fits your company.

6.) Teach you how to integrate your sales database into your CRM and initiating sales and manage your business. We will integrate the customer database we've built into your CRM & show you how to use it and execute your sales strategy.

7.) Teach you how to use and leverage technology and apps to streamline your business. We will introduce you to apps that help your company function better, and integrate into your workflow system.

8.) Create and managing contracts, templates, and invoices for your business. We will give you a basic understanding our how to manage your contracts, templates, and invoices in your CRM, and how to automate customer responses.

This process requires your complete commitment, as we are building a turn key business, ready for you to operate and run it. If you are tired of talking about it and baby stepping, take the big step and  join our Build Bold Academy.

Please contact us to schedule our Build Bold Academy Coaching, we only take 5 clients a cycle, to ensure the highest quality services are provided to every client.

Please click contact us for a consultation to see which product is better for your needs.

These services are also offered on an itemized basis.



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